Autographa Lite

A cross-platform open source scripture drafting tool

Standalone offline desktop application
Source Text Import (USFM) provides interface between other USFM editors
Unicode based UTF-8
Parallel View of reference USFM texts (Upto 4 text columns)
Highlighting of Unfoldingword chunks in reference texts
Compare Mode - to see verse by verse differences (color-coded)
Multi-language support - English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese interface
Export Translated Books (supports bare minimum USFM tags /id /c /v)

Autographa Live

All features of the Lite version plus cloud storage and integrated quality assurance tools

Offline App with synchronization abilities to Door43 and Paratext Cloud
Integration with translationCore (from a comprehensive checking tool which greatly improves translation quality by mapping terms and keywords with Hebrew and Greek
MTTs can upload pre-assigned books and chapters for effective project management
Export into common formats (JSON/PDF/TAB/USFM) to ensure interoperability between existing USFM editors like ParaText, BibleEdit
Study Bible editing support (footnotes and cross-references)
Extended Tag Support - additional USFM tags /id /c/ v/ s/ p/ /q and more

Autographa Go

A multilingual Bible app for android devices

A one-stop collection of major and minor Indian language Bibles
User friendly and minimalist interface for easy navigation
40+ languages available currently
Free and open licenses texts only